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The conference streams build on this years theme ‘Whose WARR is it anyway?’. You are welcome to nominate a stream/s for your presentation or workshop and we will do our best to accommodate this.

1.Procurement and market development – this stream focuses on how to develop markets, new ways of dealing with problematic waste, sustainable procurement, designing out problems and using recycled material.

2. Better Practice – in this stream we will explore a range of different areas, from landfills to kerbside collection, seeking better practice approaches to delivering key outcomes.

3. Education and behaviour change – for this stream we will delve into research and examine practical options for education and behaviour change relating to all aspects of waste management.

4. Perfect Pitch – Do you have the Perfect Pitch? – The Waste & Recycle Conference is proud to present the first Waste Management Perfect Pitch – five Waste Management ‘Sharks’ will each have $2,000 inc GST to invest in your potential enterprise, all you need to do is convince them that your idea is the next big waste management solution!

If you are an entrepreneur in the Waste and Resource Recovery area, and would like to be considered for the Perfect Pitch, fill in the Abstract form and outline your business ideas and progress to date.



Abstract Dates

Abstracts open: 15 May 2019

Abstracts close: 27 June 2019

Abstract notification: Mid August 2019