Mark Boulet
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Mark Boulet Monash University

Mark completed his Masters of Environmental Science at Monash University and his undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University. He is also a part-time PhD candidate looking at issues of household food waste and consumer behaviour.

As a BWA Research Fellow he has worked on a range of projects involving the design of behavioural change interventions to tackle issues such as food waste, e-waste recycling, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, stormwater pollution and wildlife management. He has worked with a range of government and non-government partners including WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, EPA NSW, Sustainability Victoria, OzHarvest and Green Music Australia.

Mark’s background is in environmental sustainability and education. He is particularly proud of the six years he spent managing, and growing, the multi-award winning Green Steps training program for university students at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. In 2011, Mark was awarded an Australian Leadership Award by the prestigious Australian Davos Connection Forum.

Mark coordinates the “Understanding human behaviour to influence change” unit within Monash’s Master of Environment and Sustainability. For four years, this has been recognised as being amongst the top 7% of all Monash subjects based on outstanding student feedback.


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