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  1.  Transforming Transfer Stations – All Day Tour

This Tour showcases how you can transform your transfer station into a recycling centre, showcasing two of the newest sites in Perth.  The City of Swans’ Recycle Centre was opened in 2017 and has been helping residents in Bullsbrook recycled what would have been wasted before.  The Centre used recycled construction and demolition materials in its development.    The City of Fremantle Recycle Centre has been operating for nearly a year and has been adding more and more materials to what residents can recycle.  The Centres’ activities also include encouraging reuse and residents have left the Centre with some real treasures!

Tour Leader: Rebecca Brown  

Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: 9am- 4:30pm


    2.   Down South Day Trip – All Day

The Tour takes in the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council (BHRC) Landfill and Composting facility.  The visit to the landfill will showcase the BHRC Reuse Shop, Household Hazardous Waste Facility and landfill operations.  A number of Local Governments in the BHRC have had Food Organic and Garden Organic (FOGO) collection systems in place, on this tour you’ll hear about how they implemented their FOGO system, contamination management and see how the material collected is processed into organically certified compost!  As an added bonus this site visit also includes a tour of Wren Oil’s recycling facility.  Wren Oil recycle most of the used motor oil from Local Governments in WA and have been implementing local solutions for oil processing. 

Tour Leader: Tazra Hawkins

 Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: 8am- 5pm


    3.  Studying Waste

To move waste management forward and improve waste outcomes research and development is an essential element.  On this Tour you’ll have the chance to take a behind the scenes look at Edith Cowan University laboratories and operations and hear from Masters and PhD students undertaking cutting edge research to improve waste management.

Tour Leader: Simeon Kendall

 Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: 8:30am- 12pm



   4.  Mattress Recycling – We’ve got it Sorted

Find out how mattresses are recycled, where the recyclables go and what social outcomes can be achieved.

Tour Leader: Evan Cocks

Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: Half day (Afternoon)



5. Waste in Action! 

Do you want to see what landfilling looks like in action?  This tour visits Mindarie Regional Councils Tamala Park Landfill Site, where you’ll have the opportunity to see Airwell pumps in action, gain a detailed understanding of how to manage odour from landfill sites and discuss with the experts on site their rainfall management plan. 

Tour Leader: Kathrine Goldsmith 

 Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: 1:30pm- 5:00pm


    6. Reuse Revolution

The Reuse Revolution has arrived, more and more Local Governments are looking at options to reduce waste to landfill and encourage its reuse.  Reuse Shops (aka Tip Shops) provide a way for recycle centres, transfer stations and landfills to capture valuable materials.  The tour visits two Reuse Centres at the City of Stirling and City of Armadale.  Both have different approaches to managing their site, but achieve great results.  All Tour attendees will also receive a copy of WALGA’s Better Practice Reuse Shop Guidelines, to help with setting up their own Reuse Shop when they get home!

Tour Leader: TBA

Meeting point: Crown Perth

Times: 8:30am- 12:45pm