This year we are delighted to partner with Repair Cafe.  Two of their repairers will be available each morning of the Conference to repair some of your much loved items. The repairers will be present in the exhibition space over morning tea and lunch on the Wednesday and Thursday.

For a list of items they can repair, please see below.

Textile repairer

Tears, holes and rips in fabrics and clothing.

Hems to take up or let down.

Replace zips but you need to bring a new zip. Spotlight has them should you require.

Sew on patches or decorations.

Reattach straps.

Take in clothing.

Darn jumpers (please provide the wool, often comes with the garment)

The repair team has a sewing machine and a selection of threads.

General Repairer

Jewellery repair

Toys, ornaments


Kitchen Utensils


Wood items