Do you make products from recycled materials or supply someone that does?  Do you want to showcase those products to potential buyers?  The Waste & Recycle Conference is offering a limited number of opportunities to be involved, at no cost!

With export markets diminishing and export bans just around the corner, the importance of growing strong local markets for products made from recycled materials such as plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, scrap metals, textiles and tyres, is greater now more than ever. So we need you, the one’s already making these products to come along and showcase what you have to offer.

The display stand* provided will give you the chance to engage face-to-face with potential customers in government and industry, and better understand what they require to replace products made from virgin materials with recycled. It’s a unique opportunity for potential buyers and key decision makers, to see your products first-hand and discuss how they meet specifications.

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Expression of interest today. Expression of interests close 20 August 2021

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*Included is an exhibition pass (catering only), a trestle table, linen and the ability to showcase your materials at the Waste & Recycle Conference in the Exhibition room.