Jennifer Macklin

Jennifer Macklin BehaviourWorks Australia (Monash University)

Jennifer Macklin (Downes) is a Senior Researcher at BehaviourWorks Australia (Monash University), with over 10 years’ experience in applied behaviour change and systems research, practice and policy for household, industry and society-wide change towards more circular futures. Jennifer has unique expertise in understanding and applying behavioural science to consumption, waste prevention and recycling behaviours, particularly for municipal waste and resource recovery in Australia. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction focusing on social regulation and policy, a Graduate Certificate of Science in Applied Statistics and a Masters of Evaluation. She is currently enrolled in a PhD investigating the complex drivers and solutions to correct household waste sorting with applicability to kerbside recycling contamination and broader circular economy behaviours. She is a regularly commentator in online, radio and TV media on Australia’s waste system and transition to a circular economy.