Rose Read

Rose Read Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence

Rose has a wealth of experience in product stewardship, natural resources, and environmental management. Delivering practical sustainability solutions in collaboration with industry, government, and the community.

This includes running and developing numerous product stewardship initiatives such as

  • MobileMuster, the mobile phone industry’s recycling program;
  • a National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme co-regulatory arrangement; and
  • Chairing the Queensland Government’s Battery Industry Working Group that established the Battery Stewardship Council and subsequently B-Cycle.

Prior to this she was General Manager of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World. She has also been the CEO for the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council and worked for the Murray Darling Basin Commission and NSW Government. She is also currently an Adjunct Professor at the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures and Co-founder of the Ewaste Watch Institute.